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Slb50 Poprtable Line Boring Welding Machine

Was ist Line Boring?

Line boring is essentially enlarging an already cast hole so that the centerlines of two or more holes are collinear. Collinear holes need in several large machine components such as engine blocks, transmissions, presses, and turbines. Precision is important to these machines, which is why line boring are often used to repair worn holes.

When the holes in a machined part are not in line, it can cause misalignment, vibration and even failure of the system. Often, even a small bias is introduced and the machine will not work. This is what makes this type of repair so common.

Portable line boring is an on-site welding/machining process to repair worn, oversized or irregularly shaped holes.

Advantage of using portable line boring machine:

  • offer quality tolerances on site
  • Reduce costly dismantling and production downtime
  • Avoid costly shop repairs and complete your bore restorations on-site
  • Portable line boring machines are lightweight, precise, and easy to set-up, perfect for any operation performing applications on a tight deadline.

Portable Line Boring Machine Application:

  • Shaft pin hole of mining
  • Construction heavy equipment
  • Machining and maintenance on pump, value, turbine.
  • Ship buid / shipyard
  • Power Plany