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EFF1500 Flange Facer​
ID Clamping: 11.4-57 inches (290-1450mm)
Facing Diameter: 12.6-59 inches (320-1500mm)
Power: Electric Servo motor, air motor
SLB50 Portable Line Boring Welding Machine
• Compact, light design, easy to install and operate
• Boring bar with slot, perform more accurate and stable.
• Machine body can be installed at any position of the boring bar
• Servo motor offering plenty of torque, more powerful and larger boring range
• Multifuction: Line Boring & Bore welding
SLB50 Portable Line Boring Welding Machine
Clamshell Split Frame Pipe Cutting Beveling Machines
• 19 standard models from 2"-60" cutting range
• Split-Frame design for easy mounting
• Pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic drive options available
• Ideal for beveling, facing or counterboring pipe or tubing
• Wide range of accessories to meet most applications
• Larger and customizable sizes available
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EZLINK offers a wide range of portable machining solutions for maintenance and repair tasks in various industries. 

  • Portable Line Boring Machines: designed for efficient and accurate on-site repair of holes in heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Flange Facers: a range of portable flange facing machines capable of machining flange diameters from 0 to 120 inches, designed for regular maintenance of flange surface.
  • Portable Shaft Lathe: a lightweight and versatile solution for machining shafts on-site.
  • Pipe Beveling Machines: used for preparing pipes for welding or fitting by creating a beveled edge.
  • Clamshell Split Frame Machines: designed for cold cutting and repairing pipes from the inside without the need for dismantling.

EZLINK’s products are designed to provide efficient, cost-effective and portable solutions for various machining  requirements.

Eff1500 Flange Facing Machine

Competitive Prices

EZLINK is a manufacturer based in China, offering portable machine tools made from high-quality materials for durability, efficiency, and precision. Our products are field-proven and the prices are highly competitive.

How can we help?

For more information on our products and to find the right machine tool for your project, please visit our website. Our knowledgeable tool experts are also available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!

Custom Products

At EZLINK, you have found the right place for customizing your machine tool needs. Our experienced engineers will work with you to understand your requirements and needs, and then perform a comprehensive analysis to offer you the best solution. Trust EZLINK for all your custom machine tool needs.

Reseller Program

EZLINK offers a flexible and profitable Reseller Program for partners to sell our products. Our partners have the option of reselling through direct sales, e-commerce, or white labeling. Join the EZLINK Reseller Program and take advantage of our competitive pricing and top-quality products.

Why Choose Us

EZLINK Machine Tools offers offer a range of precision- built and field-proven on-site machine tools, including: portable line boring machine, flange facer, portable shaft lathe, pipe/tube cutting beveling machine that are used all over the world in power generation plants, pulp and paper plants, refineries, fabrication facilities, and other metalworking industries.

With EZLINK, customers can expect a competent, reliable, and trustworthy partner.

Emf300 Od Flange Facing Machine

Have A Question?

For any questions or inquiries about EZLINK’s machines or for custom on-site solutions, you can contact our customer service team 24/7 for the best assistance.

Flange Facer

Flange facer is a portable machine used for mechanically polishing or cutting disks, collars, rings, or flanges surface. When flange surfaces are damaged or corrode, they may need to be refaced.

EZLINK’s flange facers are designed to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for maintaining the flange faces. With a range of portable machines capable of machining flange diameters from 0 to 120 inches, these machines are versatile and can be used in even the tightest spaces. They are also designed to be lightweight and portable, making them an ideal solution for regular maintenance tasks.

Flange Facer Fc1000

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Portable Line Boring Welding Machine for operations from Ø35 mm to Ø250 mm bore repair. It is the most economic way to repair holes on heavy construct equipment.

Starting From 3500$

Emf300 Od Flange Facer


Externally mounted, flange facing range of 0mm(0") to 305mm(12"). powered by one 1.0Kw(1.34Hp) high torque pneumatic motor/ electric servo motor.

Starting From 11000$



Powerful versatile manual flange facers to face flanges. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to take to workplace. It is easy to set up in a few minutes.


Customized Portable Journal Lathe


The PSL300 Portable shaft lathes are the perfect tool for journal returning, requiring little disassembly or costly relocation of equipment.

Starting From 9000$

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Portable Line Boring Machines

SLB50 Line boring Welding Machine

SLB50 multifunction portable line boring welding machines allow you to perform your bore repair machining efficiently. it is possible to make line boring and overlay welding operations from 35 mm up to 250 mm of diameter, equipped with the standard items.

Portable Line Boring Machine

ELB40 Portable Line Boring Machine

Portable Line Boring Machine tool ELB40 is a compacked designed line borer kits for in field oprations. It is a preferred tool for repairing/rebore holes in heavy construction equipment such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, backhoes, etc.

Portable Line Boring Machine tools for easy concentric bore repair of holes from Ø45mm to Ø180mm

Elb50 Barrenadora Cheap Portable Line Boring Machine
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Flange Facer

EFF1000 Flange Facing Machines

The Flange Facer EFF1000 is internally mounted, capable facing from 153mm(6") to 1000mm(40"). And features 6 continuous feed rates. The mounting base come in three sizes and have micro-adjustable jaws to help quickly align the base during set-up. Air motor and Servo motor are optional. The machine can machining standard FF and RF flange facings, RTJ and other V grooves, weld reparations, etc.

Flange Facers

MFF350 Flange Facing Machines

MFF350 flange facing tool is perfect for re-facing raised-face and flat-faced flanges on site or in a fabrication/repair shop. The MFF350 Flange Facer has a clamping range from 1.07" to 10.63" (27.2-270mm) and can machine flanges with a reach up to 14" (355.6mm) O.D. Each tool kit comes ready to use in a sturdy carrying case that keeps everything conveniently organized and readily accessible.

Mff350 Hand Power Flange Facing Machine
Pb14 Pipe Beveling Machine With 3 Cutters Pneumatic Power

Pipe Beveling Machine

PB14 Pipe Beveling Machine

The PB14 Pipe Beveling Machine can be equipped with an electric 220V or a pneumatic drive. It is clamped in the pipe using a self-centring shaft with new designed expanding structure makes the fix more stable and perform more smooth, less vibration

Clamshell Cutting & Beveling machine

Split Frame Pipe Cold Cutting Beveling Machine

The CSF Series pipe cold cutting beveling machine from EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS offers stable, precise cold cutter and beveler. The portable OD mount models can simultaneously cut and bevel pipe, increasing productivity across the board.

Split Frame Pipe Cold Cutting And Beveling Machine

What Our Clents Say

EZLINK Portable machine tools have received positive feedback from customers all over the world. Customers have praised the machines for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, and many have reported improved efficiency and increased productivity in their operations.

EZLINK’s commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service has helped establish the company as a leading provider of flange facers and other specialized machining equipment. With a wide range of machines to choose from and a dedicated team of professionals to support customers, EZLINK is a trusted partner for companies in a variety of industries.

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