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CSF10 Clamshell Pipe Cutters Bevelers

The CSF Series Clamshell Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines from EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS are designed to provide stable and precise cuts and bevels for pipes and tubes. With the ability to simultaneously cut and bevel, these machines increase productivity and efficiency.

Our standard range features ten models, covering a wide range of pipe sizes from 50mm to 1230mm (2in to 48in). The lightweight and compact design of the aluminum/steel bodies makes them ideal for applications with limited clearances. Our split frame technology also makes it easy to install and remove the machine from the pipe.

The CSF Series Clamshell Pipe Cutters Bevelers are available with pneumatic, Metabo electric, and hydraulic power options, with the hydraulic version able to cut pipes with a maximum wall-thickness of 40mm. The CSF10 model is capable of cutting and beveling pipes with a diameter range of 114-275mm.

Eff610 Id Flange Facing Machines​

EFF610 Flange Facer

The Flange Facer EFF610 is rugged, compact and ideal for quickly reconditioning rusty, scarred or worn flange gasket seats to like-new condition in minutes. Internally mounted, facing from 80mm(3.15″) to 610mm(24″) and features 2 continuous feed rates.

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