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Portable Shaft Lathe

Shaft/ Journal turning is machining the outside diameter of a shaft to bring it within the desired specification for concentricity, surface finish and circularity tolerance. A precision machining tool that performs accurate and consistent machining of bearing journals and other round surfaces.

The Portable Shaft turning Lathes are the Perfect Tool for On-Site Resurfacing of small shafts/journals.

Our journal turning lathe mounts to the end of a shaft to re-turn shafts and roll journals from 1.97 inches to 21.65 inches (50 to 550 mm) diameters. The maximum reach can be customized on request.

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Psl300 Portable Shaft Lathe Category
Psl300 Portable Lathe

Portable Shaft Lathe PSL300

Max. Turning Reach11.8 in. (standard)
19.7 in. (customized)
300 mm (standard)
500 mm (customized)
Shaft Diameter1.97-11.8 in.50-300 mm
Power ElectricElectric
Portable Shaft Lathe Psl500

Portable Shaft Lathe PSL500

Max. Turning Reach19.7 in.500 mm
Shaft Diameter9.84-21.65 in.250-550 mm
Power ElectricElectric