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EBK70 Portable Hydraulic Bushing Press

EBK70 Bushing Tool kit makes it easier for you to remove and replace the bushing or sleeve bearings from press fit bearing housings within automotive engines, transmissions, and other machinery with no resultant damage to the housing is disclosed.

Using ezlink’s 70 ton capacity lightweight aluminium hollow bore cylinder and the comprehensive set of accessories contained within the kits, the equipment can be easily used on any vehicle and give the following major benefits:
1. Safe, simple hands free operation
2. Up to 60% time and labour saving
3. Can be adapted to suit all makes of construction plant and heavy equipment
4. Flexible and adaptable
5. Improved health and safety compared to traditional methods
6. Recommended for both workshop owners, mechanics and vehicle owners
7. Suitable for both work shop and on site repairs

Manual Flange Facer Mff350

Maximizing Efficiency with the MFF350 Manual Flange Facer: A Comprehensive Guide

Flange facing is an essential process in the maintenance and repair of pipes and other industrial equipment. The MFF350 manual flange facer offers a convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution for flange facing tasks. With its hand-powered operation and a clamping range from 1.07″ to 10.63″, the MFF350 is designed to meet a wide range of on-site maintenance and repair needs.

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Id Flange Facing Machine

Understanding the Flange Facing Process: A Guide

Flange facing is a critical process in the maintenance and repair of pipelines, valves, and other equipment that use flanged connections. This process involves machining the surface of a flange to achieve a smooth, flat, and parallel surface that ensures a tight and leak-free seal between two connected components.

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