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SLB50 Portable Line Boring Machine

SLB50 Portable Line Boring Welding Machine for easier and faster repairing holes from 35-250mm on heavy construct equipment on-site Line Boring and Overlay Welding operations.

Advantage of using portable line boring machine:

  • offer quality tolerances on site
  • Reduce costly dismantling and production downtime
  • Avoid costly shop repairs and complete your bore restorations on-site
  • Portable line boring machines are lightweight, precise, and easy to set-up, perfect for any operation performing applications on a tight deadline.
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Elba60 Mobile Line Boring Machine-Servo Motor

The line boring process

The line boring process is a machining process that is used to enlarge or restore the bore (the internal diameter) of a cylindrical object, such as a pipe, shaft, or engine block. This process is often necessary when the bore of an object has become worn, damaged, or misaligned, and needs to be restored to its original size and shape.

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