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CSF22 Clamshell Pipe Cutters & Bevelers

The EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS’ CSF Series offers efficient and precise cold cutting and beveling solutions with its portable OD mount models. The standard range includes ten models, covering pipe sizes from 50mm to 1230mm (2in to 48in), and are designed with lightweight and compact aluminum or steel bodies for applications with limited clearances.

Our innovative split frame technology facilitates easy mounting and dismounting of the 180 degree segments, which bolt together and clamp onto the pipe with interchangeable mounting blocks.

The CSF22 model is designed for 16in to 22in OD (DN400 to 560mm) pipes and utilizes a rotating split ring style OD mounted machine tool (clamshell). This machine is capable of cold cutting, beveling, single pointing, and counterboring pipe and face flanges, providing a cost-effective alternative to manual cutting. With clear and straightforward manuals, operators can make accurate cuts and bevels with just a few minutes of instruction.

Manual Flange Facer Mff350

Maximizing Efficiency with the MFF350 Manual Flange Facer: A Comprehensive Guide

Flange facing is an essential process in the maintenance and repair of pipes and other industrial equipment. The MFF350 manual flange facer offers a convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution for flange facing tasks. With its hand-powered operation and a clamping range from 1.07″ to 10.63″, the MFF350 is designed to meet a wide range of on-site maintenance and repair needs.

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Id Flange Facing Machine

Understanding the Flange Facing Process: A Guide

Flange facing is a critical process in the maintenance and repair of pipelines, valves, and other equipment that use flanged connections. This process involves machining the surface of a flange to achieve a smooth, flat, and parallel surface that ensures a tight and leak-free seal between two connected components.

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