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CSF16 clamshell pipe cutting & beveling machine

EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS’ CSF16 is an effective solution for your pipe cutting and beveling needs. With its ability to cut pipe diameters from 273-426mm and a max wall-thickness of 100mm, it can handle a wide range of applications. Additionally, its lightweight and compact design, combined with our split frame technology, make it an ideal choice for use in restricted clearances. If you need a custom cutting size, we are always ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Manual Flange Facer Mff350

Maximizing Efficiency with the MFF350 Manual Flange Facer: A Comprehensive Guide

Flange facing is an essential process in the maintenance and repair of pipes and other industrial equipment. The MFF350 manual flange facer offers a convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution for flange facing tasks. With its hand-powered operation and a clamping range from 1.07″ to 10.63″, the MFF350 is designed to meet a wide range of on-site maintenance and repair needs.

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Id Flange Facing Machine

Understanding the Flange Facing Process: A Guide

Flange facing is a critical process in the maintenance and repair of pipelines, valves, and other equipment that use flanged connections. This process involves machining the surface of a flange to achieve a smooth, flat, and parallel surface that ensures a tight and leak-free seal between two connected components.

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