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EFF610 Flange Facer

The Flange Facer EFF610 is rugged, compact and ideal for quickly reconditioning rusty, scarred or worn flange gasket seats to like-new condition in minutes. Internally mounted, facing from 80mm(3.15″) to 610mm(24″) and features 2 continuous feed rates.

The mounting base come in three sizes and have micro-adjustable jaws to help quickly align the base during set-up. Air motor and Servo motor are optional.

The flange facing machine can machining standard FF and RF flange facings, RTJ and other V grooves, weld reparations, etc. The EFF610 Flange Facer are suitable for the oil and gas industry, power plants, chemical plants, oil rigs and many others.They are prepared to implement applications complying with ASME standards.